This project and website came together when musicians Novo Amor and Ed Tullett approached filmmakers Jorik Dozy and Sil van der Woerd to create a music video for the single 'Terraform', from their album Heiress. The filmmakers pitched the idea of telling the true story of the hardships and sacrifices that the sulphur miners of Ijen make in order to provide for their family, in the hope that the video will connect with its audience in offering a perspective on their own lives, the comforts they enjoy - to realise that in this day and age there are still people who suffer to put food on the table everyday. This website is a platform for viewers to learn more about the miners and contribute to this cause, literally improving the lives of the miners, making a difference. Novo Amor and Ed Tullett embraced the idea and from there, this collaboration was formed.

For more information about the project and the miners of Ijen watch the 'Story Of Terraform'.